As a project manager you need to know what problem you are supposed to solve before you can bring a solution. TEPCOS is designed to help you in doing just that. By assisting you in really understanding your project and the results it must produce to address the challenge, you optimize your chances for project success drastically. TEPCOS even prevents you from starting projects that are predestined to produce disappointments.


Most projects fail because they are not sufficiently understood. They solve the wrong problem or the right problem in the wrong way. Why?
Because the advise given in the proverb 'look before you leap' is too often ignored and many projects are started without the proper preparation that prevents surprises in cost, effort and quality. And what is even more important: the loss of customer confidence.


A project is successful when it creates results that achieve the goals that are set for the project, in time, in budget and with the right quality.
However setting goals is only possible when you fully understand what you are trying to achieve and why. When a project does not solve the root cause of the challenge or when the project requirements are incomplete because not all stakeholders in the project were involved, project failure is included in the planning.

Starting a project by listing tasks without knowing why these tasks are the right ones, represents a major risk. Nevertheless that is exactly what most project management software tools encourage you to do: they are merely task planners that do not bother whether the tasks they plan should be carried out in the first place.

TEPCOS is different and focuses on the results that a project needs to produce and helps you to understand why these results meet the project challenge. TEPCOS automatically generates the business case to help you make the right decisions.


TEPCOS is a server-client system with your own server and your own safe cloud that protects your data. All stakeholders in the project can communicate with each other via their web browser, always and everywhere. By involving all stakeholders in your decisions you create optimal support for your project.

You can save your project as a template and reuse it the next time you need to complete a similar project. TEPCOS generates automatically the project charter, the business case document and a budgetary quote that you can present to the project sponsor for approval. These documents represent your reasoning behind the choices you made and build the trust that you have addressed all important issues.

Whenever you want to meet a challenge, be it the development of a new product or service, a change in your process or organization, or the organization of an event, TEPCOS helps you to get the best results: in time, in budget and exceeding your or your customer's expectations.

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